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SwapClear is the only truly global clearing service for over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate swaps and currently clears more than 50% of the interest rate swap market. The 8.4 million trades in SwapClear have an aggregate notional principal amount of over $435 trillion, with a further $256 trillion of cleared transactions removed through multilateral trade compression.

Launched in 1999 by LCH.Clearnet, SwapClear initially cleared plain vanilla interest rate swaps in four major currencies. Today it clears swaps in 17 currencies: USD, EUR and GBP out to 50 years, JPY to 40 years, AUD, CAD, CHF & SEK to 30 yrs, NZD out to 15 years and the remaining 8 currencies out to 10 years. It also clears OIS out to 30 years in EUR, GBP and USD and out to 2 years in CHF and CAD.

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NAB Granted Direct Clearing Membership of LCH.Clearnet, SwapClear

National Australia Bank (NAB) announced today that it has become a Direct Clearing Member of LCH.Clearnet's SwapClear interest rate swap clearing service and successfully cleared its first trades as a direct member.

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