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If you are a client of MF Global, it may be possible to transfer your positions to an alternative clearing member. 

The deadline for receipt of complete and valid requests for LME position transfers has now expired.  LCH.Clearnet Ltd and LME are processing transfer requests, but these will take time to complete.  If you have already submitted your position transfer requests, click here for more information.

The deadline for receipt of complete and valid requests for position transfers for other markets is Friday 11 November 17.00 GMT.

Transfer requests have now closed for certain markets

If you wish to transfer your positions, you should:

Obtain consent from an alternative clearing member to transfer your positions to them.  Click here to find a list of clearing members for each market.

Complete a transfer form for each market and send it to us.

Complete the LCH.Clearnet Ltd form and the related Excel template for the following markets:

Transfer requests for the following markets have now closed:

If you have any queries, please contact:


LCH.Clearnet Ltd

David Randall
Risk Operations
+44 20 7426 7439

LCH.Clearnet SA

Derivatives Operations
00 33 1 70 37 67 33 / 00 33 1 70 37 65 22