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CDSClear self clearing fees

Effective from 12 September 2012

For further information on fees, please send your request to

Standard Tariff:

An annual membership and clearing fee of EUR 1,000,000 is charged by the Clearing House to cover all self-clearing activity for a clearing member or affiliates.

Alternative Tariff:

A registration fee of EUR 3.50 per EUR 1 million gross notional cleared, with a reduced minimum annual membership and clearing fee of EUR 150,000.

A maximum annual fee of EUR 1,000,000 after which all further trades cleared in the calendar year are subject to a fee holiday.

Billing Information:

Fees are auto-debited from Clearing Membersí accounts & reflected in the AC0101E report available to Clearing Members. 

Fees are collected on the 10th business day of the month

The fees indicated above are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

A pro-rata will be applied for Clearing Members starting or resigning their activity during the year.

Standard Tariff

One twelfth of this fee will be charged each month.

Alternative Tariff

A minimum of one twelfth of EUR 150,000 is charged each month unless the maximum annual fee cap has already been reached.

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